Why Homely or Homemade Food is the Best Food for Good Health?
Lallabi Admin   09.May.2017

Why Homely or Homemade Food is the Best Food for Good Health?

Foods prepared at home are much better than cooked in restaurants, hotels or somewhere else. There are many health benefits of homely food. The first and the most essential reason why homemade food is good for health is that homemade foods are neat and clean. They provide you the best level of cleanliness (hygiene) that is possible. When we are eating in restaurants or hotels, we can’t be sure of the hygienic environment.

What is the importance of homely (homemade) food?

Natural ingredients


Homemade food is normally prepared with natural ingredients than the unprocessed food. Clearly, the fast food has got its own taste yet those are prepared using unprocessed foods that are in no way healthy. For example: the fast foods contains large amount of sugar, sodium and fat. But in homely foods, we can add healthy and natural ingredients by adding more veggies and fruits. So, here we have the control in our hands on both the quality and quantity of ingredients to be used in the food. The World Health Organization recommends seriously reduce the eating of processed foods. So keep taking homemade food which contains full of ingredients.

Substitutions and Healthy Eating

We can use healthier food preparation methods and substitution for harmful ingredients when making our own food. For example, when most restaurants use butter or oils with fats, we can cook at home with nonfat cooking spray or healthy vegetable oils like Olive oil. In addition, at home we can substitute unhealthy ingredients for alternative. For example, the American Heart Association recommends substituting one cup of fat-free milk with one tablespoon of vegetable oil, is very healthy.

Kids – the benefits

As a mother, everyone will desire to give their children all the best things in life. When we are worried about our children’s health then nurturing him/her with homemade food must be your first priority. According to a research – kids who eat homemade foods are lesser prone to gain weight, because the homely food contains more amounts of fruits and vegetables than trans-fat and soda. So give homely and healthy food to your kids rather than restaurant food.

Balanced Food


We should plan our weekly menu wisely to save our money, time and health. It helps to form a balanced food including:  Fat, Protein, Carbohydrates, Minerals and Vitamins. All these things are equally important for children and adults. In our balanced food, 50% should be fruits & vegetables, 25% should be protein & rich foods and the remaining 25% should be fiber & rich carbohydrates.

Intact Necessary Food Minerals and Vitamins

Unhygienic food is the key source for causing food poisoning and cholera, especially in kids. So, it should properly clean the vegetables before preparation which is usually done at home. As a result, we get to eat clean food containing the vital nutrients such as minerals and vitamins.

“East or West, home is the best” is very true to the meaning. No matter in which part of this world you are, it is the home that gives ultimate pleasure. Similarly, when it is about your mind and body, none is better than your mother or wife to take proper care. So nothing else can beat the importance of Homely (homemade) food – take homemade food regularly & keep your body healthier and safer.

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