The most Emerging Profitable and Lucrative Business sectors for Startups in India
Lallabi Admin   11.May.2017

The most Emerging Profitable and Lucrative Business sectors for Startups in India

With the appearance or use of new technologies, we are witnessing the beginning the new industries and the declining in fortune of some old industries. In recent times, in India number of youngsters starting their own businesses or startups and getting good success. Now the Government of India also encouraging youngsters who has a dream of start a business or startup by providing special benefits and special schemes for them. So, now many people are looking for the best business opportunities in India. Here we are listing some of the fast emerging, most profitable & lucrative business sectors (areas) to start your business (startup).

1. E-Commerce

Now a day’s everything becoming online in this fast Internet world. In this aspect the government of India also introduced “Digital India” to bring more people into internet usage. India has the most number of Internet users in the World. We are in the top position of internet usage. So there is huge scope for E-commerce business. So there are number of online shopping malls having good business in India. Flipkart, Amazon, Snap deal, eBay, Jabong, Myntra, Paytm, Lallabi and many more. So this is the best place to invest money.

2. Food

Around 70% of India’s retail market is happening only for food and groceries. Everyone is trying to have good food to keep their health in good condition. Making money with food business becoming much easier (in proper way) as well as much harder (in improper way). There is huge competition in food market; more number of hotels, mobile hotels available in each area. In these days maximum people prefer to order food online. Many surveys are suggesting having homely food to get health benefits. So better to start homely food delivery business with low investment and there is a chance for huge profits.

3. Online Grocery Store

We already discussed that maximum retail business happening for food and groceries. There is huge demand for online supermarkets (Grocery stores) in India. In this busy life people don’t have much time to visit market and to select fresh and quality vegetables; they don’t have much time to visit grocery stores to buy grocery. Even though there are few supermarkets we are not having much time to visit and select to buy. So people preferring online supermarkets. So online supermarket business is one of the best opportunities to invest.

4. Entertainment

Media and entertainment industry has huge demand in India. Entertainment industry is fastly changing into digitalization due to the high internet usage in India. In these days people are not spending much time to watch news at TV; they are reading news from online news portals. So News and entertainment is good place to start your business.

5. Healthcare & Pharmacy

In this fast and artificial life people are getting more earnings and at the same time more health problems. Where there is a body, there should be problems. We know that people not having much time and patience to go to hospital and to take treatment, in this scenario few people like Practo, Lybrate and 1mg started digital healthcare (in this concept doctor will come to your place treat you) and got success. And also there is a huge demand for online pharmacy (medical store). So this is also a good sector to start your business.

6. Education

There is a good demand for education and online tutorial services. With high-quality facilities with reasonable prices, India can draw more students from overseas. There are number of new technologies coming into market. People are trying to learn those technologies. People are for both online and offline educational institutions to learn new technologies. Unique teaching methods, educational portals, and tools can be used effectively to make the sector useful and interesting.

7. Travel

Travelling is one of the best businesses in India. Always people will travel from one place to other. In this busy life people are working at place and their parents or children are staying at one place. So they need to travel regularly. There are many traditional online travel portals like makemytrip, yatra, YatraGenie, Redbus and many more. Now in cities there are few more options to travel i.e., online cabs like Ola and Uber. However there is huge demand for travelling business. You may start online travel booking portal or you can start a travel agency, whatever it may be there is huge demand for travelling.

8. Automobiles

India is the hot spot for automobiles and auto-components. A money-making hub for automobile components sourcing for global auto makers, the automobile sector is the high potential sector for entrepreneurs. The automobile industry recorded a 26 per cent growth in domestic sales in 2009-10. India the world's largest manufacturer of small cars with a strong engineering base and expertise. This is the strong zone which gives you more profits.

9. Advertising

Everyone should need advertisement to improve our business. There are huge number of media organizations and online portals in India. You can start online classified portal, and run some ads with your portal. People are spending much for ads, so you can utilize properly and achieve more profits.

10. Franchising

With the globalization of Indian financial system more and more international brands are entering into Indian market and extending by introducing franchise models. Indian brands also accepting franchise model to expand their business network with franchising. There are lots of business opportunities for young Indians to start business ventures. Here are few franchise Details to start your own business.

These are the top most emerging business sectors, and also having huge demand in India. So you can start your business and grow yourself. All the best guys….!

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