The Most Common Mistakes that people will do while Planning a marriage
Lallabi Admin   14.Jul.2017

The Most Common Mistakes that people will do while Planning a marriage

In family Marriage is one of the important event and requires a lot of planning and team work. You can’t handle each and everything on your own. You need help of family members, relatives and you will take help of friends to avoid any mistakes. But, in under pressure when we plan for marriage we usually makes some mistakes that we can easily avoid those things in marriage time. You are planned for more things such as shopping clothes, gifts, printing cards, booking a marriage hall and food items, etc. All these things require a lot of plan and coordination with family members and friends. In that situation, there are chances that you will forget somethings. We are sharing some of the common mistakes most of us  make while plan for marriage.

Not fixing a budget:

The first thing that you should  do when you plan for marriage is fixing the budget. Fixing the overall budget and dividing the budget is very important. It is important that you fix the budget for everything, be it for shopping, venue, gifts and any other thing. It will help you in getting the overall spending limit and estimate all things in advance. If you will not fix a budget in advance, then we have to spend more money for all the arrangements than actual budget.

Finalizing the wedding planner:

This is another thing  which we should avoid. Asking the price quotation from different vendors is a good move, but fixing someone on the basis of less quotation is not the right decision. You can appoint a wedding planner for your marriage. While you are appointing him you check his previous work and experience and comments what he has done before.  Don’t follow blindly what he  says give him some instructions about your culture.

Not making the guests  list properly:

Calculate the friends, family members & guests very well. To plan everything in advance it is important that you make a proper guest list and arrange everythings. If you change anything in the list it will affect all the arrangements. So you work upon that list in your marriage day. Make all the arrangements and give instructions your planner to follow.

Asking for opinion with every one: 

if you are confusion It is good to take the second opinion, but it is not a good idea to discuss the same thing with everyone.  The more you discuss, the more you will get confused. Involve your close family members and friends in important decisions. It will help in making the right decisions.

Too high expectations: 

If you are keeping your expectation too high, you will feel disappointed if you see even a little mistake in the arrangement. It is better to keep your expectation at lower level and you also involve in the planning. Don’t involve in all things let him do first.

Not giving instructions to a planner: 

After hiring a wedding planner, we think that he/she will take care of everything. This is totally wrong. You are the right one who knows your requirements well. No one else could tell the planner what you want or don’t want in your wedding venue or in food iems  or something else. So, give proper instructions to the wedding planner to avoid any confusions when you are planning a marriage. is a online matrimonial which gives more number of marriage profiles of grooms and brides. So you can register or add your profile in our portal to select your perfect match.

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