How to start an Online Grocery Store In India
Lallabi Admin   15.Jul.2017

How to start an Online Grocery Store In India

Online grocery business is growing rapidly and expanding their business in majority of the cities in India. Most of the people are interested to buy their household products, Grocery, fruits, vegetables through online grocery stores. Now a days people are interested in buying grocery in online shopping sites with less cost and good discounts on Items and save time. By Understanding the current market and customer ideas, it is easy to set up an online grocery store. This is especially true with the presence of ecommerce platforms such as

Most of these online grocery store work on the franchise model. Simply put, it is nothing but collecting orders through one common portal and then assigning the orders for delivery to designated stores. some of the key steps need to be planned well to ensure success with this idea.

This steps helps you plan to setup a franchise grocery store in India. Lets first understand some of the basic steps involved in setting up a franchise grocery store.

  1. Identify/decide coverage area
  2. List known grocers in the area and discuss partnership opportunities
  3. Finalise order collection and delivery modules
  4. Calculate investment
  5. Setup office and hire relevant staff
  6. Set up the online store
  7. Advertise
  8. Coordinate

And next step is identifying the  areas and listing the grocers who would be interested in this model. As mentioned before, online franchise grocery store involves you collecting the orders, and then getting it delivered through a grocer who is closest to the area where the delivery is to be done. So you need to have a strong network of grocers who are willing to take up your orders and fulfil them on priority.

We will next look into three most important aspects of this model:

  • Order collection
  • Order execution
  • Payment collection

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    I read it and is very helpful thank you. Get detailed brief on how to start an online grocery store .


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