Some Ideas  for New Marriaged Couple when starting their new life
Lallabi Admin   18.Jul.2017

Some Ideas for New Marriaged Couple when starting their new life

After Marriage when they are starting a new life, every woman has set some wedding promises and thinking of some impossible task, make plans or hopes that have very little chance of happening and also about her life. It is a tradition that men will remain with their family while will leave their and sentiments from mother side after  marriage they will start new life and continue the rest of life with new people.

As Chetan Bhagat stated in one of his novels, ‘Two States’, in India a man and a woman do not marry, it is their families that marry and I am sure in such aspects women have to be mentally prepared to adjust her life  in accordance to the people whom she is going to live with for the rest of her life.
So here some ideas  that brings happiness to the couples and people around them.

• Please remember that no family is unique, the way you have been brought might be different from the way your spouse has been brought up. So that you can do to avoid problems is acceptance. You need to accept certain rules and regulations of their family and try  to believe them if you are unable to accept. You can just give it try and no one would force you to follow those.

• Trying is not bad at all; try to accept their way of living without criticizing. If you feel something has to be improved, do not explode by criticizing, just let them understand that you are giving an opinion and the opinion should never be expressed that hurt their feelings.

• Communication, a main aspect involved behind major break-ups and misunderstanding. You must know how to communicate things straight from your heart. When you are saying something it is not liked by all but you never keep it confidential then speak straight forward. Speak from your  heart.

• Time, most important factor than money. You might be a career oriented person and you might want to reach heights professionally  please keep in mind that when you are totally deviated towards the professional part of your life, you tend to lose your personal space and the distance becomes more on the other side. You must learn to manage personal and professional sides effectively. Try to spend more time with your family than money-making for them and this is expected in most of the families. They need time from you.

• Then the last one is commitments. Never go way when problem comes, try to face them and give your possible commitment to the family and fulfil your family needs till end.

Acceptance, expressing your opinions in the right manner, communicating in the right way, spending time with your husband and children All the best to all the women or men who are starting new life.

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